A shift in work environment necessitates a shift in approach

A shift in work environment necessitates a shift in approach

One would be hard pressed to say something about the way work has changed in the last 2 1/2 years that has not already been said. At the same time, the effects that the pandemic has on the nature of work cannot be understated. The way employees think about work and the way managers manage has shifted, and the way we think about these things needs to shift, too.

It is easy to mourn the way that business used to be conducted, but changes in the workplace unlock new opportunities. A vast majority of employees prefer to work from home at least one day a week. This provides flexibility that will prevent burnout and leaving a job. Employees who work from home are able to avoid commuting altogether. Allowing employees to start a day in their home saves them time, money and frustration from traffic.

These are all clear examples of benefits that are enjoyed from working from home.

Companies need to maximize the benefits while mitigating the negatives of working from home

Distractions are increasingly prevalent, especially when working from home. When business is conducted on a computer, pop ups and pings can distract employees. Working at home with young children, pets or chores can also lead to more distractions.

There is also a lot less visibility across teams. Teams that were once face-to-face and shoulder-to-shoulder might now be spread out across cities, states, or even countries. This makes it hard for managers to see who is performing well and deserves positive recognition and who needs more help to reach their potential.

Oli helps navigate the new work environment to support employees

Due to distractions, it is unrealistic to expect people to watch hours or training videos online with their full attention. Without being in-person, it becomes more difficult to be engaged.

When working from home, it is easy to feel like your work goes unnoticed or is unimportant to the big picture. A lack of consistent feedback about an employee’s performance can lead them to feeling disconnected from their work and team and reduce their engagement with their work.

Employee well-being is absolutely critical to a company’s success.

For these reasons, Oli redesigned corporate training, real-time feedback, and well-being reminders. Oli helps your company take on the new challenges of the workplace.

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