Busy vs Productive – a very important distinction

Busy vs Productive - a very important distinction

While we’ve seen debate over the precise definition of a recession, a majority of economists now believe that we will see at least a mild recession within the next year. We know that talking about productivity can seem disjointed in a chaotic economic climate. What? We’re going to divide output by input when inflation is over 8%?

But we also know that productivity isn’t just a cold equation on a spreadsheet. It’s essentially a measurement of resilience. Can your company transform an input into an output efficiently, even when the environment is unfavorable?

The most critical asset a company has is its workforce. Having engaged employees that are knowledgeable of the company’s processes is invaluable.

“Busy” drains us without necessarily getting anything done. Focusing on productivity and wellness keeps us from the chaos of feeling busy all the time.

Without intention or with the wrong incentives, it is easy for “busy” to be prioritized over “productive.” But busy doesn’t make anyone feel good. Oli helps everyone stay productive rather than just busy. Oli’s process mining determines what is necessary for each task and helps streamline those processes. Oli then provides prompts to remind employees to utilize automations that will streamline their work and leave them with more time and brain power to devote to more complex tasks.

The great thing about productivity, not busyness, is that productivity is needed to get work done. Spinning our wheels and unnecessary meetings isn’t a critical part of any business process. Productivity helps get more work done in less time.

Focusing on productivity also requires focusing on the wellbeing of employees.

Employees who do not take breaks or take time to recharge are not as productive or effective as those who do. This is why Oli incorporates wellness into the work day. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do to make sure that employees are taken care of and take care of themselves. Reminding employees to take breaks allows them to come back refreshed and ready to accomplish their work.

Overall, no one wants to feel busy all the time without feeling like they are being productive. Oli helps employees perform their work more efficiently, freeing up employees to use their brain power and time to solve more complex problems. Oli also prioritizes employee wellbeing, as employees are company’s most important resource.

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