Corporate training is way too important to be boring.

Corporate training is way too important to be boring.

Most corporate training is a series of modules of video training and quick quizzes. Most employees let the videos play in the background while they do other work, and they store just enough information in their short-term memory for just long enough to pass the quiz. And who can blame them? That’s what the modules (accidentally) incentivize.

But those training sessions are supposed to stick with employees and help them do their jobs better. Training conveys information about job responsibilities, best practices, applicable laws and regulations, security (both online and in the office) and how everyone can contribute to a healthy, safe, and productive team. This is important stuff! But it is not traditionally presented in a way that leads to long-term retention and application.

Your training can have a long-term impact… If you design them right

Did you know that less than 100 people in the world have a photographic memory? Odds are good they do not all work at your company. So showing your employees training once and expecting them to remember and apply it indefinitely isn’t realistic.

OLi’s Micro Learnings break training down into smaller, more digestible pieces, delivered at a time that works for your employee. This reduces the amount of information presented at once to reduce fatigue, and it allows for repetition.

We know that practice makes perfect. Or at least, we know our fourth grade soccer coach thinks that practice makes perfect. But it’s true! Spaced repetition fires the neurons in your brain repeatedly, getting them to commit the knowledge to memory.

The way corporate training is designed now is like cramming for a test. Oli makes training more like a responsible study plan: doing a little every day until the material is mastered.

Maximize breaks and sharpen employee knowledge

Oli’s artificial intelligence determines when an employee has time for a brief training.

An example of this would be when an employee wanders to a non-productive website for more than a few minutes. Oli may elect this as a time when the employee has a moment outside of deep work to refresh a training concept.

Customize training to reduce frustration

It’s frustrating to be told something over and over again. It’s also frustrating to forget something you needed to remember. Oli prevents frustration from both of these!

Nobody wants employees to train on things they already know and actively remember. This distracts the employee from work that they need to do, which isn’t good for anyone. Even better, Oli presents training and reminders in real-time, when they are most applicable. When an employee goes to a site or application that is associated with a particular law or regulation, such as something that deals

When an employee goes to a site or application that is associated with a particular law or regulation, such as something that deals with customers’ private information, Oli can be triggered to pop up and remind the employee of what is and what is not proper protocol. You definitely don’t want malicious actors in your company. You don’t want an employee to slink through the office at night and upload a database of private information to a thumb drive to sell to the highest bidder on the dark web. And there’s a non-zero possibility that happens. What’s more likely, though, is that a well-meaning employee falls for a social engineering scam or simply does the wrong thing without knowing.

Oli reminds all employees of the importance of following protocol and reminds them what the protocol is.

Your corporate training needs to be engaging. Your corporate training needs Oli!

Oli awards employees for actively participating in their training. Oli engages employees for a short amount of time, which allows employees to fully commit to a training without distraction.

In an ever accelerating world, Oli presents a fast way to not only complete a requirement and help their career, but also celebrates the employee for doing so.

You’ll be wondering why you ever presented training any differently.

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