Do you know what employees want now?

Free coffee and a ping pong table isn't enough anymore. Do you know what employees want now?

Gone are the days of foosball tables and free sodas being the most in-demand perks in the office. Now, according to a Gallup poll, over 75% of people want to work jobs that allow at least hybrid work options, meaning a vast majority of the population wants to be able to work from home at least one day a week.

Now, no office perk can compare with the option to not go into the office in the first place.

Lots of employees want to work remotely, at least some of the time.

Is your company able to properly facilitate that kind of work? Are you able to keep tabs on how your company is running when employees are dispersed? Will you notice if there is an inefficient system within your company if work isn’t being done in front of you? Would you be able to identify inefficiency even if everyone was in the office?

This is where Oli and data-driven decision making come into play. Process mining can help you get an edge on the competition regardless of where your employees are working from.

Oli’s cutting edge process mining allows you to see exactly how work is done, not just how you think work is done or expect work to be done. This uncovers bottlenecks and inefficiencies that can then be tackled, saving you time and money for years to come. Oli monitors work as it happens, allowing it to record the metrics needed for its proprietary algorithms that reveal your work systems as they are. Other similar software merely looks at log data after it happens, which cannot give you the extensive insight that Oli can.

This means that you get more insight into what is actually happening in your company, even if everyone works remotely.

Whether employees are logging in from the 4th floor of your office building, their home office, or a lounge chair by the pool, you still get the same superior insight into the way work is done in your company.

The landscape of the labor market is changing rapidly, and one thing remains the same. The companies that are able to provide employees with the type of lifestyle that they most want are able to recruit and retain top talent. The most important asset to a company is the people working within the company. No other asset can compare, because without the right people making good decisions, all assets can do is sit there.

It is absolutely critical that your company is able to support the flexibility that top talent can demand. Having the right technology is absolutely necessary. Check out Oli to see how it can transform the way your company conducts business and prepare it for a dynamic and ever-changing labor market.

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