Employee attrition’s effect on employee morale

Employee attrition's effect on employee morale. Hint: it's not great

It seems like every other day there is a new headline about a Fortune 500 company eliminating a lot of jobs. Behind these headlines are real people who are losing a consistent paycheck that they use to support their families. Every time this happens, it is devastating, and when some of the largest companies are laying off hundreds of people, a significant portion of their workforce, it is clear that it can happen to anyone. When this harsh reality sinks in, employees can start to feel a fear of and distrust for their employer. At times like this, companies must put their employees first to ensure that morale does not dip.

There are simple ways that employers can do this.

And I’ll go ahead and spoil the surprise: it all comes down to treating employees well. This is obvious, but in times of economic uncertainty, this can take a back seat. Companies need to actively send out the message that their employees’ well-being is important and prioritized. Reminding employees to take breaks throughout the day to recharge is simple. This can also come in the form of managers checking in with those who report to them. One of the most important ways that management can help employees is to give them the tools they need to be successful. If employees already feel a little helpless when it comes to the possibility of major cutbacks, the last thing they need is to feel helpless in their job because they do not have the tools to succeed. If an employee is concerned that they’re going to be laid off and doesn’t feel like they have the tools to do their job well, there is absolutely no reason to believe that they will be bought into the company’s success and doing their best on the job.

At a time like this, it is super critical to remember that the employee and the employer have the same goal.

Everyone wants each employee to be productive and successful in their role. as budgets tighten, everyone wants each employee to be so productive and successful that there is no justification to do anything other than give them a raise. We are also still in a hot labor market. This means any high-performing yet under-appreciated employee is likely polishing their resume. Employers simply cannot afford to under-engage and lose their top performers. All of these things are great reasons to take a look at what Oli can do for your company. Oli gives managers and employees the skills, feedback, incentives, and reminders to work in a way that prioritizes their well-being and allows them to leverage their effort for greater output.

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