Employee Performance Improvement Plan

Need of Employee Performance Improvement Plan for Any Organization

An employee performance improvement plan is the need of the time, with intense research on employee work rate and efficiency. Organizations tend to use compliance training gamification to improve the employee experience. Work rate is usually never the same; sometimes it’s at a peak while other times at a slow go. And after all, any firm is made of human employees, not robots.

There might be no consistency in the work rate, but if the bad performance keeps repeating, then the HR Seniors must consider opting for an employee performance improvement plan. It can effectively improve employee work and energize the environment to process daily activities.

What is an employee performance improvement plan?

An employee performance improvement plan is a formal practice to assist employees in overcoming their procrastination habits and slow work rate efficiency. And transform them into healthy operational activities. This will not only boost employees’ morale but also assist them in engaging more in office activities and contributing to the organization’s betterment.

How compliance training gamification can improve employee performance?

Compliance training gamification is the most enjoyable way to give employees a breather and inject them with positive motivation. This would directly impact their behavior, resulting in improved work rate efficiency. In the simplest term, Gamification is the process that includes gaming elements of game playing such as points, competition, goals, achievements, and much more for the sake of employee engagement.

Gamification KPIs are the major fundamentals for evaluating the process and coming to a conclusion. All the employee performance improvement plan is based on achieving targets, also known as Key Performance Indicators(KPI). Compliance training gamification is about making the most out of engagement gameplays.

The 5 stages of employee performance improvement plan

Stage 1: Define the problem

Define where the employees are lacking and the main reason behind the deficiency. This is the first stage of identifying all the major problems and their reason.

Stage 2: Determine the objectives

This step involves setting goals and identifying long-term and short-term team workplace objectives.

Stage 3: Provide support

In the 3rd stage, the program leaders must clearly define all the possible measures the employees must initiate to accomplish the Gamification KPIs.

Stage 4: Plan schedule and temporary check-ins

Once we are done with all the planning and objectives. It is the perfect time to set the dates to monitor the outcomes.

Stage 5: Point out the penalties

Clearly announce the obstacles and consequences employees will face due to failure to clear the employee performance improvement plan objectives.

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