Everything You Need to Know About Process Mining Software

Everything You Need to Know About Process Mining Software

Have you ever wondered what’s actually happening within the company you work for? You probably have a general idea of what is going on, and you probably know how work is done pretty much. But it’s truly difficult to say what processes are being followed and how closely they are being followed.

Process mining allows you to look at business procedures in an unprecedented way, especially Oli’s proprietary process mining method. Typically, process mining is done by extracting data from data logs available in information systems and creates insights based on what is inferred. Oli’s process is a little different.

Oli’s process mining procedure allows for accurate and data-driven insights

Most process mining software take existing logs and do what they can with them. These logs aren’t thorough and this kind of process mining essentially works off of educated guesses.

Oli, on the other hand, captures the activity happening on work devices as it’s happening. This allows for thorough records that Oli can work with. These records track many different types of activity, which all work together to build a comprehensive picture of what is going on, where the most effort is being spent, and where processes could be more efficient.

Oli gives data-driven insights…

There are certainly times where gut instincts and experience are valuable and should be used. But for most things, especially things like running a business, data is incredibly valuable. We like to say that “data is the new oil.” And that’s true. Data can sometimes give you an advantage against competitors, but most of the time, it’s pretty much table stakes. You simply will not be able to compete with companies that use data to make decisions.

… so you can do more.

If you can’t fathom making decisions without using gut instincts and experience, we can’t either. This data-driven approach does not take the decision making away from you.

Imagine you’re at a desk and you are wondering if a certain process could be improved. The costs from a certain department just seem high, and that department’s lead has been extra grumpy around the office. With no information, you can ask around and guess as to what’s going on, but you can’t really know if the problems people are describing are the root of the problem or a symptom of another problem.

Imagine someone walks in and drops that department’s computer logs on your desk. Well, that’s not very helpful. You’d flip through the top few pages before realizing that these are just many data points that don’t mean anything to you.

Now, imagine you pulled up Oli’s dashboard on your laptop, and you could dove into that department specifically. You could see which applications were switched between the most, where people were copying from and pasting to, and what applications took up the most time.

This gives you a great place to start your investigation! Do better applications exist for these processes? Is there an integration that could be utilised? Could we use shortcuts to save time?

There is still a lot of creative problem solving and critical thinking to do, this just gives you a tool so you can identify and solve the right problems.

Oli is simple to use

Oli is downloaded onto work devices and works in the background. Employees are not bothered by Oli, and Oli works to make the employees’ processes easier. Your company has invested a lot in its IT infrastructure, and Oli isn’t going to mess with it. Oli doesn’t require anything other than being downloaded to work within your company right away.

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