Increase engagement and reward employees: it’s a win-win

Increase engagement and reward employees: it’s a win-win

Gamification has been increasing in popularity year after year, and it is easy to see why.

Gamification is the addition of game elements to a situation that would usually not have game elements. Game elements that make video games and work alike engaging include points, levels, badges, or awards.

Understanding successful gamification implementation

Gamification is occasionally misunderstood. Obviously, adding points and badges to a work environment is not a panacea to all motivation or engagement issues. It is not the elements themselves that are motivational; it is the way they are delivered.

This goes into the reason rewards are successful in the first place. The reason rewards are given is to encourage more of the behavior that is being rewarded. This is called “operant conditioning.” Studies of operant conditioning show that reward schedules can be more important than the rewards themselves.

Therefore, Oli is perfect to deliver gamification to employees. Oli can detect when employees are doing something that should be rewarded. Oli then optimally delivers those rewards in the most impactful way. Oli pairs the positive behavior with positive reinforcement, which is the key to successfully encouraging that behavior.

Oli effectively delivers gamification to employee workstations

Oli is uniquely able to deliver personalized, effective gamification to employees, because Oli gets to know each employee’s work styles and habits. This allows Oli to set goals custom to each employee to ensure that goals are achievable, yet challenging for everyone.

For example, if a department wanted to set an overall goal of increasing employees’ productive time, Oli would set a realistic, yet challenging goal for each employee. This ensures that progress is what is rewarded, not an arbitrary metric that may be easy for some and extremely challenging for others. This ensures that employees of every level of productivity have the chance to receive an award, as the alternative is discouraging and alienating.

Let’s see how Oli can motivate employees by providing timely, positive feedback through games!

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