Incremental change is necessary for a large organization

Incremental change is necessary to improve but difficult to push across a large organization

In 2022, we’ve grown accustomed to getting exactly what we want, exactly when we want it. We want change to happen rapidly, but anyone who has been through any business transformation knows this is not usually the case.

Change usually happens incrementally. Large businesses have inertia and each employee has ingrained habits. It takes a lot of conscious effort to undo unconscious habits.

A fantastic book by James Clear called Atomic habits discusses incremental change. Clear state that getting 1% better at something every day for a year, you would be 37.8 TIMES better at that thing than had you done nothing.

This is true for both individuals and companies. From day to day, a 1% increase would probably not be noticeable. It’s the consistent effort and consistent improvement that enables huge gains.

This is one of the founding principles behind Oli. As an intelligent virtual assistant, Oli helps individual employees with change management.

Let’s say that an automation was built to reduce the amount of manually copying and pasting data that employees had to do. It’s likely that employees who are in the habit of copying and pasting data would not always remember to use the automation. It might take several emails and announcements to remind employees to use it, and there’s no way to know if everyone has shifted their process to using the automations.

Oli is able to detect when an employee begins to do a task that there are automations for and prompts the employee to utilize those automations. This assists with the incremental change in a company.

This is what change management comes down to. Deciding to automate something is not when time is saved. Time is saved when the automation is utilized by employees. It is not the broad, sweeping decisions to change that make a difference in an organization; it is the changes in processes that are actually utilized. And Oli assists in the changes in processes to help your company reach its goals.

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