Micro Learning Platforms Benefit Employee Training

How Micro Learning Platforms Benefit Employee Training for Both Learner and Business?

Micro Learning platforms are a major trend in online education and training. This refers to learning in smaller chunks than long, tedious sessions. This is in keeping with the fast-paced world of today, where people have very short attention spans and are constantly busy.

This blog explains how Micro Learning platforms can benefit your online employee training program for learners and your business.

What Is Micro Learning?

Micro Learning is a simple concept. People learned in the past by watching videos, sitting through classes, or reading books or articles. These methods are still useful but don’t reflect the digital world or people’s shorter attention spans. Now, people are less able to focus for long time periods in the age of texting, smartphones, and apps.

Micro Learning online is the best way to train people in this era. This allows learners to learn in small chunks of information, sometimes as short as five minutes. They also have the option to access training materials whenever they want.

Benefits for Learners

Here are the top benefits of Micro Learning platforms for employees:

Modular Content

Everybody will agree that people learn best in chunks. This is because people are more likely to absorb short, concise information than long-form content. By reducing content into short modules, busy employees can learn more easily by offering flexibility. For example, it doesn’t take hours to learn a concept. Instead, a learner could grasp the concept in just 2-3 minutes.

Easy to Update

Technology changes quickly, so employees get the most current information. Micro Learning platforms make it easier to keep the content current.

Perfect for Just-in-Time

Learning Just-in-time training is designed to provide learners with the information they require at the right time. Micro Learning platforms are fast and accessible to many devices, so it’s easy to find the information you need when you need it.

Benefits for Businesses

Businesses that wish to train their employees as efficiently as possible can also benefit from online Micro Learning platforms.

Flexibility Is Affordable

Videos, webinars, and written content can all be created quickly and inexpensively. As a result, companies don’t need to spend the time or resources to create lengthy courses on all topics. So, Micro Learning platforms are a cost-effective and efficient option that can help companies reduce their training costs.

Enhance Learners’ Ability To Fill The Skill Gap

Employees will be more inclined to participate in professional development if they know they don’t need to spend much time on training. With targeted modules that are easy to understand, employees can access the information they require at their own pace.

Better results

Micro Learning aligns with today’s learning habits, so employers can get better results using this training method. People forced to attend long training sessions are more likely not to remember the material and find it boring.

Final Words

OLi is an AI-enabled digital workspace assistant linking Data to Operational Intelligence, generating better performance, protection, and profitability.

OLi’s Micro Learning platform allows employees to stay current on necessary training and demonstrate knowledge that allows them to skip training that would be redundant to them. OLi’s Micro Learning Virtual Assistant delivers the right learning to the right employee at the right time based on their knowledge and performance data.

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