OLi is an AI-enabled platform configurable using DevOps to customize your Intelligent Assistant

Operational Excellence can provide invaluable insights into easy improvements that have a tremendous positive impact on customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

OLi automatically detects when employees are interacting with sensitive information and assists them in handling it responsibly. This includes the identification and safe navigation of sensitive websites.

OLi’s employee engagement gaming assistant lets you incorporate engagement and recognition into anything – driving employees to adopt the right behaviors and stay continuously motivated. Our advanced gamification platform lets you offer personal challenges or team competitions with many options as rewards.

OLi’s Micro Learnings allow employees to stay current on necessary trainings and skip trainings that would be redundant to them. OLi’s Micro Learning Assistant delivers the right learning to the right employee at the right time based on their knowledge and performance data.

Process mining allows for a detailed picture of what employees are doing on a day-to-day basis. The only way to improve a process is to understand the process as it is today. Once the process is understood, shortcuts and more effective alternatives can be uncovered.

OLi presents personalised employees wellness reminders such as drinking water, doing stretches, breathing that can be done within 2 to 5 mins. OLi presents videos on how to do posture corrections and fitness, breathing techniques to bring mindfulness based on employees feedback and slowly gets employees engaged to wellness activities.

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