Productivity in a time of economic disruption

Productivity in a time of economic disruption

While we’ve seen debate over the precise definition of a recession, a majority of economists now believe that we will see at least a mild recession within the next year. We know that talking about productivity can seem disjointed in a chaotic economic climate. What? We’re going to divide output by input when inflation is over 8%?

But we also know that productivity isn’t just a cold equation on a spreadsheet. It’s essentially a measurement of resilience. Can your company transform an input into an output efficiently, even when the environment is unfavorable?

The most critical asset a company has is its workforce. Having engaged employees that are knowledgeable of the company’s processes is invaluable.

Increasing productivity does not come from demanding that employees simply do more.

In most cases, if employees were able to do more, they would. They’re either not being given the tools they need, or they are not adequately incentivized.

Incentives can come in many different forms. Some people are strictly motivated by monetary incentives, where they will only do as much as they feel they’re getting paid to do. Other people are motivated by positive feedback. Yet others are motivated by challenges, goals and the possibility of prizes.

In many cases, people just do the best they can, and the thing that is holding them back is the quality of the tools and support that they receive.

In all of these cases, Oli has a feature that will help employees, and thus, the company.

Oli helps to identify repetitive processes and places where effort is not effectively translated into output. This means that people can do more with their effort. Those who are motivated by feedback and reaching goals will be excited to use Oli’s features which result in real-time responses to their efforts and progress towards goals. Oli also has games that employees can participate in, as individuals or as part of a team, that result in opportunities to win prizes.

Oli provides helpful reminders and tools to employees regardless of their motivation. This means that employees are better able to leverage their time and effort into meaningful results.

One thing that is true about all employees is that their work is one of many facets of their life. Showing up to work is one of the many things they do in a day. During this time of economic uncertainty, employees may face external stressors in addition to their day-to-day work being impacted. One of the most important things Oli does is help employees prioritize their well-being. Oli prompts employees to take wellness breaks to ensure that employees are taken care of. Oli understands the benefit of taking a break from work to walk around the block end clear one’s mind. Work-life balance necessitates a critical approach to one’s life quality at work. Oli is an employee’s ally in making work better and easier from 9 to 5.

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