“Quiet quitting” is pitting managers against employees

"Quiet quitting" is pitting managers against employees. And no one is talking about how weird that is.

The headlines surrounding the issue of “quiet quitters” make you think that you should choose a side. You can be on the side of the managers who are shaking their fists at employees that don’t know what hard work looks like. Or, you can be on the side of employees who clock in, do their work, and clock out without any interest in doing any more than that.

But what if there was a third side? What if you appreciate parts of both perspectives and just want a functional workplace that works for everyone?

As you may imagine, we’re talking about this because we have the solution for you. Oli supports both managers and employees in this balance.

Managers want to know how their team is performing and how they can support their team.

But they do not have the time nor desire to watch over their employees’ shoulders. Employees want to have the best tools available to them and work-life balance. Employees want to have an active manager, but not a micromanager.

Oli helps give managers insight into their team’s performance while maintaining privacy for individual employees. It also enables employees to use better systems and incorporate downtime into their workday in a healthy way.

“Quiet quitters” are not the problem themselves. They are a symptom of a dysfunctional relationship within the workplace. Employees have high expectations of their employers, and vice versa. It’s time to adopt a tool that is beneficial for everyone.

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