Remote work and larger teams make feedback scarce

Remote work and larger teams make feedback scarce

Employees and managers alike can appreciate the added flexibility that remote working brings. At the same time, working remotely decreases visibility and makes it more difficult to give timely and accurate feedback.

There are no informal run-ins with managers or chats while walking from a meeting to a cubicle. Employees can feel disconnected when they go long stretches without meetings to recenter or informally catching up.


Feedback is crucial for improvement and confidence

When employees do not receive timely feedback, it can lead to feeling confused, overwhelmed, anxious, uncertain, and disengaged. Employees don’t want to guess as to whether their manager is happy with what they are working on.

Without feedback, an employee cannot know if they are improving or needing improvement. Setting goals informed by feedback ensures that employees understand what is an easy goal, a reach goal, or an unrealistic goal.

Whether feedback is positive or negative, it is important for people to get it early and honestly. How many times have you thought to yourself, “well, I could have fixed that if they just told me that earlier…” It’s not fair to employees to allow them to do something for a while without intervention, only for them to hear much later, for the first time, that they were not meeting expectations.

Oli increases the amount of feedback and the accuracy of feedback

Oli automatically and seamlessly provides private feedback based on the employee’s actual input. This removes guesswork and conscious effort and increases awareness regarding work.

Oli’s feedback gives employees objective metrics describing their performance in real time. With Oli, small wins and big wins can be identified, celebrated, and rewarded.

Oli pops up on an employee’s workstation when Oli has feedback regarding performance. There is no need to wait for weekly meetings or bi-annual performance reviews. Employees get a current view of how they are performing and how they working compared to past performance. If an employee’s performance is down one week, Oli makes them aware of this as well. This allows employees to be proactive about getting back on track, without a manager needing to intervene.

Oli’s objective feedback helps guide and encourage employees privately and without managerial intervention. By simply making employees more aware of their input and output in real-time, they are set up for success.

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