Improve your business agility while upgrading customer and employee experiences with a secure, easy to implement Intelligent Assistant

Boost Employee Performance

OLi can identify key opportunities to reinforce the best practices. The real-time nature of the Intelligent Assistants optimizes when coaching should occur for maximum effectiveness.

Enable Business Continuity

OLi’s Intelligent Assistants ensures maximum effectiveness whether working in the office or remote.

Skill Improvement

Because OLi learns how each individual performs their tasks, OLi identifies micro learning topics that are meaningful to the employee and to the organization, so that training becomes an everyday event.

Improve Employee Engagement

By leveraging AI, organizations learn about their WorkOS / organizational DNA, and can begin to develop programs that leverage that DNA in a personal way with every employee. This improves the employees’ experience to reconnect them in an emotional way.

Drive Adoption

The real-time nature of OLi’s AI capability allows for critical reminders about new policies and procedures, adoption of new technologies, and reinforcement of training relative to the actual work being performed.

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