Why Productivity Management Software is Important

Why Productivity Management Software is Important for Every Organization

A Google search for the word “productivity” brings up over 1.3 billion results. Clearly, this concept has captured our attention. Nothing about the word productivity makes it a buzz word, yet sometimes we see people using the word without really thinking about what it means.

Productivity is not a series of strategies, hacks, or tricks to get the most out of one’s day. It’s the simple act of getting things done. Productivity means producing. Managing productivity is crucial to producing results, whether you’re looking at large-scale business transformations or day-to-day work that keeps the lights on.

What is productivity management software?

First, let’s talk about why productivity management software is needed. Studies have shown that employees waste around 40% of total shift time. That’s a lot of time! Right off the bat, let’s acknowledge that some downtime is obviously necessary. People aren’t robots, and taking a break for lunch or taking a quick walk to clear your head should be encouraged. With that said, some of that time is wasted because it is not properly planned for.

Productivity management software generally consists of a customized set of tools to make the operational workflow more organized and efficient. It helps save time and deliver quality results. What software counts as “productivity management software?” It’s really any software that does a combination of the following:

  • Tracks time
  • Schedules short-term goals
  • Plans long-term goals
  • Recruits and analyzes resources
  • Evaluates reports
  • Evaluates and relocate finances
  • Evaluates and optimizes operations
  • Generates documents

All the top-rated productivity management software assist in keeping business transformation smooth and error-free. Productivity management software also generates data when employees interact with it, which allows for meaningful analysis of the way work is done.

Now, why are we telling you all this? Why do we know so much about this software and its importance? Because Oli is the best productivity management software there is. Oli helps you and your organization get the most out of the time spent at work.

Oli has several modules that are geared towards different aspects of productivity. From assisting employees with completing repetitive tasks to motivating employees to displaying company-wide productivity trends, Oli has what it takes to improve and monitor productivity.

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