Why You Need Process Mining for Digital Transformation?

Why You Need Process Mining for Digital Transformation?

As always, the challenge is knowing where to put these digital technologies. What processes are ready to be transformed? Which processes could be automated? Which projects will bring the greatest return on investment? How does celonis process mining impact digital transformation?

The uncertainty in global markets forces businesses to look inward to generate new revenue, reduce costs and focus on efficiency rather than spending money on new, expansive projects. The proliferation of digital tools and apps has provided leaders with many opportunities to discover hidden revenue, cut costs, and build leaner, more efficient businesses.

Digital Transformation for Businesses

It has never been more competitive in business, and your customers have never had to look for a competitor. This means that every interaction and transaction with customers is being evaluated. It’s no longer enough to have the best product in the market. You have a problem if others are faster to complete the task and easier to work with.

This means that your processes are quickly becoming a competitive advantage. As a result, your workflows are more important than ever, whether it’s customer order processing, quality assurance, risk management, or invoicing. These workflows are crucial in determining whether you secure new business or maintain it once you win it.

Digital transformation is essential to automate and eliminate unnecessary steps. Digital transformation is about finding ways to remove information silos and allow information to flow freely. This problem can be solved by digital tools, such as the Celonis Process Mining tool. You can also use them to engage your workforce and empower them to do their best work while also removing repetitive tasks that can impede their productivity.

Process Mining As The Foundation Of Your Digital Transformation

The perfect tool to monitor and improve your processes is celonis process mining technology. It allows you to quickly identify problems and pinpoint areas of process bottlenecks.

Process mining gives your insight into your business’s workings. It allows you to see what really is happening and not just what you think it is.

These are just a few of the many benefits of celonis process mining technology.

  • Real-time monitoring of key performance indicators
  • Predictive analysis and scenario testing
  • Visualization of the impact of processes on business outcomes
  • Standardization of processes


You now have an ally to help you make informed decisions when approaching your digital transformation projects. It is possible to run scenarios that show how the process could impact your business. It will show you exactly what return to expect from your investment. Then, automatically, you can receive advice on how to improve your current processes.

Celonis Process mining is the foundation technology that should underpin all future investments and transformation projects.

Process Mining Helps to Build the Business Case for Change

It is difficult to secure investment funding and demonstrate value in turbulent times. It is important to have total transparency and a business plan that is based on facts, not projections or estimates. It is difficult to map out clear scenarios that accurately reflect the expected returns to the business. However, celonis process mining technology makes it much easier.

Process mining makes it easier to build your technology roadmap and transform your business. Process mining allows you to see the entire flow of information through your business, identifying areas where improvements can be made to increase revenue and margin. This level of detail makes it much easier to build a business case and lead digital transformation projects.

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